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Send flowers to Beijing shanghai and other city of China

Send flowers to Beijing shanghai and other city of China

Is there any flowers shop can deliver flowers to anywhere of China? The answer  is yes,  is a China local flower shop which also accept online flowers order to China. You may have question, how does a flowers shop can deliver to hundreds cities, unlike America online flowers who use delivery company, using overning shipping, our china flowers shop use hand delivery to each address, hand by hand, door to door delivery, flowers are all bought from flowers market early morning time, and then florist make the flowers arrangement as sender’s request, and then flowers shop delivery man will deliver the flowers to recipient’s address. And recipient will be called if there are any problem with address or no one home, they will ask recipient’s suggestion where to put the flowers, not like other country, just left flowers in the address without any notice, which is very bad.

Send flowers to China with, you will love the way how they deliver the flowers across China,  fresh flowers with low price, careful delivery, thoughtful customer service and after service. flowers shop cover delivery area including Beijing, shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing ,Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shenyang ,dalian, nanning,xi’an, and all other cities in China, from big city to small town, flowers all can be delivered here.

Besides flowers, also can send cake, fruit basket, hamper, chocolate and toys to all place of China.

If you need send flowers, cake or other gift to China, you can try our local flowers shop delivery of China. more August 3, 2017 | By ChinaFlower815
Feedbacks of China flowers delivery

Feedbacks of China flowers delivery

Feedbacks of China flowers delivery

Good Job. Our daughter now teach in Shanghai China, her birthday is coming, but we can not celebrate with her since we live in America. So we ordered flowers from this flowers shop, and flowers arrive to her on time in shanghai, Our daughter is happy, and we are also happy.



My flowers arrive on time to My girlfriend in Shenzhen China. I ordered same day with them, and this China flowers shop do not charge more for same day delivery. Best flowers delivery I ever used.                                                

                                                     ---- Taylor


My girlfriend in Shenyang China received her flowers at the perfect time. Thanks for the excellent service!

                                                     ---- Moore



My mum in Chengdu got the flowers and cake I ordered for her on her birthday, she was surprised I could send her in China flowers from Canada. Great delivery service.

                                                    ---- Lisa


Once again Chinaflower815 had my flowers delivered on time to my clients in Beijing China. I would certainly recommend Chinaflower815 flowers delivery service to my friend who need send flowers to China.

                                                      ---- Mike


 I was so happy with all flowers delivered to my wife in Chongqing by Chinaflower815 flower shop,  this China flowers shop delivered on time with very fresh flowers, you will be my lifetime flowers delivery in China.




I ordered flowers from this China flowers shop website and send flowers to Chengdu city in China, and one hour after, I got message from my girlfriend that she received the flowers which I ordered for her, that is the fastest flowers delivery I ever used in China.

                                                     --- Adrian


My first time using online flowers delivery to China,I just want to say this i am glad chooing this China flowers shop, their flowers and service deserve what i paid.



It is amazing flowers they delivery to my wife in shenyang city of China, i will order more flowers from this China flower shop for my wife in future.

                                                      ---Lim more August 31, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
Feedback  from our customer on sending flowers to China

Feedback from our customer on sending flowers to China

Sharing with your some pictures of flowers we delivered to recipient in China. ALL get permisstion from our custmoers.

Check the smile on all of them, how happy they are when get flowers from their lover. If you still have trust problem of sending flowers to China.You can make these worries go away. Our china flower shop always deliver fresh flowers with good price, everyday flowers hand delivery to all cities in China. No delivery fee.No tax.Do not wait anymore if you want her get flowers from you, let us florist do the flowers delivery for you in China.


China flowers delivery, send flower to China, China flowers shop, flower delivery in China, flowers to China. more June 24, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
Tips on choosing China local flower shop on internet

Tips on choosing China local flower shop on internet

When you want send flowers now, you most search send flowers to +country or city on internet,then you will find many websites say they can deliver flowers to the place you want deliver.

For example, searchon google: send flowers to shanghai China, many flowers shop website shows up, in the top, you will find some ads website, after these website are non-ads flowers shop. Tip:It is better to choose non-ads flowers website. Since non-ads website will save you more since they do not do payed advertisement which can made price of product low.

There are also many non-ads China flower shop websites, it will hard to choose. Here are some advices: tip 1:among these website, there are some websites you will find they can deliver to many coutries, do not choose these websites, since they are just website which do not have China local flower shop, they just work with China flowers shop websites,so their flower price will be expensive, and few flower arrangement choice, since they have many countries to deliver, so can not add many product in one country. Tip 2 among thoses website just have China as flowers deliver area, there are also some shop who has local flower shop in China, some just website who work with local flower shop which you can not find online. It is better to choose flower shop website not just in first page on searching result, you need to check more flower shop website on page 2, page 3, the China flower shop website who has real local flowers shop normally appear on 2nd or 3rd page, since they do not know how to seo their website and make their website show on first page.

Send flowers to China, we have a good local flowers shop for you, real China local flowers delivery which offer you same day flowers delivery anywhere in China.

If you have needs to send flowers to beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, nanjing, hangzhou, shenzhen and all other cities in China, you can use their flowers delivery service. more April 19, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
how to send flowers to China from Londo,UK?

how to send flowers to China from Londo,UK?

how to send flowers to China from Lodon UK? Do not choose flowers shop in london help you deliver flowers to China, choose a China local flowers shop will help you save more money. more April 12, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
Send proper flowers in different occasion to China

Send proper flowers in different occasion to China

Flower always has its amazing place to be the best gifts for sending to women.

Flower can fade, but the meaning of sending flowers never fade.

Different flowers have different meaning when delivery, one kind flower when in delivery with different number or different color, it will represent different meaning. So if do not know the flower you choose is proper to send to express your meaning, please ask for the florist for advice. has all different flowers for you to choose to send to Shanghai, Beijing , Tianjin , Hangzhou , Nanjing, Nanning, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yantai, Jilin, Qingdao, Jinan, Kunming, Haikou, Sanya, Zhuhai, Wuxi, Suzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Handan, Hefei, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Changsha, Dalian, Chengdu, Xi'an, Lanzhu, Guiyang, Wulumuqi, Zhuhai, Haerbing and all other cities in China. has flowers from roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, balloonflowers, snapdragon, orchid, thailandflowers for you to send to China same day delivery, hand delivery. has different flowers arrangement from love you flower, birthday flowers, just because flowers,get well flowers, apology flowers,sympathy flowers, business flowers, new born flowers for you to choose and deliver to anywhere in China. has all types flowers for you to deliver on different festivals, like: valentine flowers, mother's day flowers, father's day flowers, thanksgiving flowers, Christmas flowers, new year flowers. will meets all your need of flowers sending to China, just tell them your delivery area, delivery date, delivery purpse,they will choose the proper flowers and deliver to your recipient on time in China. more April 11, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
Send your love in the form of flowers

Send your love in the form of flowers

Human is known for his unsatisfactory nature and this is the only thing which has brought him to this level
Human is known for his unsatisfactory nature and this is the only thing which has brought him to this level. There was a time when things were done manually i.e. physical presence was required but this was in past because now all you need is computer and an internet connection rather than physically being present. Professionalism usually becomes the cause of problems in love life like, not able to give time to your loved ones and the most common one is you forget to buy flowers and when you remember till that time shops get closed. These were the problems of past but if you still have such problems then that means for sure you are not aware of China flowers shop website that are at your service anywhere anytime.
If you have a job where you spend lot of your time on business tours then there is possibility that you spend some special days of your life being far away from your partner. Staying away from your partner does not mean you cannot make that person smile and make a memory because now you have Guangzhou flowers shop delivery with you. You must how can these flower delivery shops can make a difference then let me tell you they actually make a lot of difference.
With the help of Shanghai flowers shop delivery you can send flowers, chocolate, gifts and many more things to the one you love despite of where you are. These services actually help you in covering up the distance and make memories of the special days. Although there are services available but you cannot trust every service provide as they ask you to pay first and then they do not execute what you wanted. So, if you are searching for flower delivery service provider that can deliver fresh flowers to the person staying in China then ChinaFlower815 can be a good choice as it has satisfied customers.
About ChinaFlower815
ChinaFlower815 is one amongst the best online China flowers shop delivery which is known for its delivery services. Staff at ChinaFlower815 provides the best and fresh flowers on behalf of you to your loved ones. As they provide large collection i.e. love, birthday, wedding, friendship so you can avail their delivery services at any occasion.Their delivery areas are Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan i.e. these are the areas where they deliver flowers, cakes, roses etc. They always try to deliver the best they can and that is why you can see so many options from which you can select anything as per your choice and they will deliver your love at the time you want. They understand the value of flowers in your life as they refresh the love with their fragrance and that is why they deliver fresh flowers as soon as possible. more April 7, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
How to choose a good China flowers shop?

How to choose a good China flowers shop?

Online shopping become more and more popular in people’s life around the world. Internet shopping make people’s life much convenient. It is very true people can buy all life needs without going out now. Flowers delivery also get into online business. America’s famous online flowers delivery are:, and

China also have many online flowers delivery websites.

When you google China flowers shop, you will see many English version flowers website. How to choose a real China flowers shop will be your question. Let me introduce you a good online China flowers shop:  This website is real China local flowers shop, which owns local shop in China, not just a website, a local shop will help you save more since there is no mid-seller. This flowers shop offer delivery across China, from big city to small town, they all can make delivery there. offer same day flowers delivery in China, hand free delivery, no use of delivery company. Flowers, cakes, fruit basket, hamper, toy, chocolates and other gifts are all their delivery ranges in China. As for the payment, they accept credit card payment no matter which country you live.  As for delivery time, this China flowers  shop delivery everyday each year, no close day, so you will not miss any special day of your loved ones if  birthday on Sunday. As for the quality, it is never a problem, they offer best product with low price. in China is like in USA. A reliable local China flowers delivery company. If you want send flowers to China, please choose more April 6, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
Different flowers arrangement to China

Different flowers arrangement to China

flower bouquet, flower basket, flower vase arrangement, flower in pot.

different style flowers arrangement all made by our telent florist.

Do you have any friend, famliy or loved one in China?

if yes, please send best flowers to them to remind them you miss them from distance,

our China flowers shop will deliver best product for you no matter which country you from.

We also apply other Convenience Service, such as: helping purchasing, party arrangement, birthday gift customize, business gift customize, and so on. What you need is tell us what you want. We will handle the other things!

follow us at :
           or: more March 29, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
Women's Day flowers delivery in China with free box chocolate

Women's Day flowers delivery in China with free box chocolate

Women's day is coming

Our China flowers shop now off free chocolate gift. 

Order just flowers order  from now to 18th, March

when order amount over 58 us dollar

Get a free box dove heart box chocolate 98g worth 19.9 us dollar

When ordered, please email us or leave message to gain chocolate


No more hesitate. Beijing flowers shop, shanghai flowers shop, guangzhou flowers shop, shenzhen flowers shop, nanjing flowers shop, chengdu flowers shop, chongqing flowers shop, changsha flowers shop and more other cities joined this free chocolate delivered with flowers.


Choose flowers and send to her in China with a free box chocolate. more February 25, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
About Chinaflower815
Chinaflower815 is China professional local online flowers shop, providing flowers, cake, fruit basket, chocolate, wine and hamper delivery across China. With over 10 years flowers and gifts delivery experience in China, Chinaflower815 now offers same day flowers delivery to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and all other cities in China. Low price, high quality, timely delivery, best customer service. Credit card payment accepted no matter which country you from. Order online easily, safe and secure. Order flowers now to China by