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send flowers to China from Singapore, China flowers delivery

send flowers to China from Singapore, China flowers delivery

Do you know number 520 means I love you in China, that is why people like receive flowers with number 520, 520 in China when you read it, it likes 我爱你 in Chinese. 我爱你= i love you in english. this is a box of 99 roses in total, white roses make shape of number 520, red roses around, your girl will love it when getting this gifts.

send 520 roses flowers to beijing, shanghai China now more April 13, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
How to express your feeling with different number roses?

How to express your feeling with different number roses?

Different roses number has different meaning
So  sending roses is not a simple thing. You need to know the meaning of them. If you do not know the meaning, and send wrong number roses, it sometime will be a problem.

Now Chinaflower815 will give you a list of roses number meaning.

1 rose= you are the only one in my heart
3 roses= I love you
9 roses=always
11 roses= only care you
12 roses= the love to you increase day by day
15 roses= sorry
21 roses=sincere love
24 roses=miss you, pure love
33 roses= Speak I love you
36 roses= romance
50 roses= no regret love
57 roses= l love my wife
77 roses= proposal for marriage
99 roses= forever
100 roses= 100% love
108 roses=Marry me
365 roses= miss you everyday
999 roses= endless love
1000 roses=faithful love forever
Theses are roses number which often send. Please remember them when you send flowers to your girl in China. Do  not send wrongly. Sending flowers is a kind way to express love, but if send in wrong meaning, which will cause bad result.
If have question on other numbers meaning, please contact us freely, our China florist will be here and help you deliver flowers properly to China. more April 18, 2016 | By ChinaFlower815
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